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Taking care of your teams means taking care of your company

Be aware of team well-being and prevent risk situations
Take action with relevant data and a network of quality of life at work experts
Improve the performance of your business
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What is well-being at work or quality of life at work?

It is a feeling of well-being at work perceived collectively and individually.

Working conditions

Environment, corporate culture, career, training, equality, recognition

Ability of employees to express themselves and take action

Involvement, managerial and collective support, teamwork, right to make mistakes

Content of the work

Autonomy, usefulness and responsibility, learning work

QWL means reconciling these three pillars with the company's overall performance.
Let's not forget that well-being also means taking care of your body, your mental health and your social relations.

Yes, that's a lot.
But take a breath: we can help you build your quality of life at work approach.


of work stoppages are related to unhappiness at work (1)

14 310

is the cost of unhappiness at work per year and per employee (2)


of absent employees say their absenteeism could have been avoided if the company had taken action (1)

1. 12th Absenteeism and Engagement Barometer (Ayming/A2GR La Mondiale, 2020)
2. IBET study, 2020

Manage your quality of life at work approach

moha application

Help your teams to become aware of their well-being

When a tool is put in place in a company, the teams must use it.

That's why we help you engage your teams.

  • Raising awareness of well-being and health, as part of a QWL approach
  • Availability of the application and help in using it (although the Moha application is very intuitive)

Visualise the well-being at work of your teams

Everyone assesses their physical, mental and social well-being in the application by asking the right questions. This questionnaire has been developed by scientific experts.

You have access to the data, which is meanwhile made anonymous.

You become aware of what is going well and what is not going well in terms of quality of life at work. You can focus on the essentials.

Two women standing in front of a whiteboard

Build your QWL action plan

By analysing the well-being in your company, you can prevent situations of ill-being or risk.

Make the right decisions based on the needs of your teams.

Let's build together an action plan to concretely improve the quality of life at work.

Implement concrete actions

By identifying the real well-being needs of your teams, it becomes easier to take action.

Moha is surrounded by professionals in health, well-being and quality of life at work.

QWL workshops, training on well-being at work or management, events, workspace design, etc. Implement what will benefit your teams.

List of two events next to a moha mascot

Assess the impact of your actions on the quality of life at work

Welfare analysis
Implementation of actions

But do these actions really have an impact on the quality of life at work? Do employees feel more fulfilled, in great shape, aligned with their job?

Moha helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions and their impact on the quality of life at work

How do we assess your well-being?

Moha is one of the few companies that is building a continuous wellbeing measurement tool, taking into account individual aspects of wellbeing as well as those related to work.

The results of the various measurements are used to develop methods to stop employee suffering.

Ida Princiat Moughogha

Doctor of Psychology

This is not us saying it

Romuald works for well-being at work. And you, ready to take care of your teams?

Face of a man

The second confinement and teleworking were beginning to weigh on the teams. We decided, together with our CSE, to set up workshops with Moha, with the aim of enabling employees to improve the rhythm of their teleworking days and to break the isolation. The feedback was unanimously positive! The employees appreciated the dynamism of the speakers, but also their teaching skills. If you are starting a QWL process in your organisation, Moha will be a very high level speaker!

Romuald Caron
Business development consultant, BGE Hauts-de-France

They supportus

Ready to join Moha and improve well-being at work?

  • Be supported from the design to the evaluation of your QWL strategy
  • Make the right decisions and take concrete action according to the needs of the teams
  • Prevent situations of malaise, which cause human and financial damage
  • Improve team engagement and productivity
  • Say no to burn-out, bore-out, repeated work stoppages and absenteeism
  • Act sustainably and positively for well-being at work
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