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The application that promotes wellness, for a healthy life at any age.

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What is well-being?

At Moha, our motto is the official definition of health:
"A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. - WHO

Simply put, wellness is being well in your body, in your mind and with others.
And, wellness is also and especially in the workplace.

Our mission is to accompany you every day towards your wellness, in your daily life and at work.


Absent employees say their absenteeism could have been avoided if their company had taken action (1)


Employees who report psychological distress (2).


French people who perceive neither the meaning nor the usefulness of their job (3).

1. 12th Absenteeism and Engagement Barometer (Ayming/A2GR La Mondiale, 2020)
2. Human Footprint, 2020
3. Kantar TNS/Randstad study, 2019

Boost your physical, mental and social well-being

assessment of well-being

Assess your well-being

In the Moha app, assess your physical, mental and social well-being.
We use proven scientific questionnaires and scales to measure your well-being.

Learn how to take care of yourself

Our health and wellness experts guide you to a better understanding of your body, your mind and your relationships with others.
Their personalised content gives you all the keys to finding a balanced life, both in your daily life and at work.

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Take action

Thanks to the best practices of our experts, create your own wellness method to feel better in your daily life and at work. According to your needs, and at your own pace.

How are you?

Assess your physical, mental and social well-being now. Start improving your wellbeing.

Because you deserve more than a simple "are you OK?

Assessing your well-being

Improve your quality of life at work

Where do we spend most of our time?
At work. So well-being is also and above all in the workplace.

With Moha, get a handle on team wellbeing with reliable scientific questionnaires.

QWL action plans can finally focus on the real needs of the teams. Taking action becomes easier.

We assure you:

  • Each person's data is anonymised, to be analysed collectively
  • We help you to take action within the company and to measure the impact on the quality of life at work
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Save money with Moha

Do you know the impact of employee unhappiness on your business? Calculate it easily with the Moha tool ☀️

This is the estimated cost of unhappiness in your company, per year (source: IBET 2020, 14310€ per employee per year)

They trustus

This is not us saying it

Romuald and Chloé improve their daily well-being and quality of life at work. What about you?

Face of a woman

Thanks to Moha, I have a different vision of how to manage stressful moments. I think of alternative and sustainable solutions to take time for myself.
Today, I have established routines in my daily life and I welcome my stressful periods differently and more serenely.

Chloé Jacobs
Face of a man

The second lockdown and teleworking were beginning to take their toll on the teams. We decided, with our CSE, to set up workshops with Moha. The aim was to enable employees to pace their days better when working from home and to break the isolation.
The feedback was unanimously positive! The employees appreciated the dynamism of the speakers, but also their teaching methods. If you start a QWL process in your organisation, Moha will be a very high level speaker!

Romuald Caron
Business development consultant, BGE Hauts-de-France

Romuald and Chloé improve their daily well-being and quality of life at work. What about you?

They supportus

Discover the Moha application

  • Benefit from an intuitive all-in-one tool to monitor the quality of life at work and support managers
  • Rely on analyses to prevent and avoid situations of malaise
  • Take concrete action thanks to real data and a network of experts on well-being at work
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