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5 bénéfices observés après 60 jours avec Moha chez 1+1=3, Votre Assistante

After studying accounting and then working in sales and management, Marie Paule decided to create 1+1=3, Your Assistant.

Created 22 years ago, the tele-secretarial company is located in a rural area between three large towns in the Pas-de-Calais. Her aim was to create a job at home, but also to create employment.

After participating in a round table on women's work in rural areas, a study struck her that 50% of women living in the countryside do not work. 

This confirmed his desire to be an entrepreneur.
1+1=3, Your Assistant is a telephone permanence, so it was necessary to recruit very quickly to prospect. As time went by, she had her premises built to allow better management of the diaries and to offer her employees good technology.

From the outset, Marie Paule has shown kindness to her employees. And this has been reinforced with the arrival of Marie and Céline, and the implementation of the Quality of Life at Work (QWL) approach.

Discover our exchange with Marie Paule and Marie, communication officer.

Why did you call on Moha?

For Marie Paule...

In the life of my company, I had the chance to restructure my team and recruit a human resources manager and set up a communications department.

It was Marie, in charge of communications, and Céline, in charge of human resources, who showed me that CSR was an obvious choice, so we embarked on a QWL approach.

As a telephone receptionist, you have to feel good about yourself in order to put a smile on the patient's face. Indeed, the people you receive are often unhappy and angry (because of the lack of doctors for example). They can sometimes be aggressive and a smile, even on the phone, can be felt and is reassuring.

At 1+1=3,Votre Assistante, the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DUERP) shows that stress is the main risk. As a result, Moha became an obvious choice.

For Marie...

When I joined 1+1=3,Your Assistant, I was looking for a company with strong and ethical values. And that's what I found in the company. Marie Paule's basic approach is to involve its employees in the company and to promote well-being. It is a family business, where life is good. We meet regularly for social events outside working hours.

And all this has been going on for a long time, but we had never put it on paper. Today, this is what we are doing with the aim, in the long term, of obtaining a CSR label.

Integrating Moha into the daily life of our team is a way of involving the women employees and creating a common topic for discussion. It allows us to show them that we care about them to the end.

What is the general feeling of the team at D+60?

A short while ago, Celine from Human Resources asked all the girls what they thought of Moha. And we were quite surprised.

Our team ranges in age from 22 to 60. We were afraid that some of them would not like the "application" format.
Well, we were wrong. They are all very involved and really like the daily articles and tips that you can find on the app.

If possible, they watch the Lives and if they are working, they do not hesitate to watch the replays.

For some, it allows them to ask questions about themselves that they would not have asked without the application.

The 5 benefits observed after 60 days of use

Après 60 jours d’utilisation de Moha, les premiers bénéfices se font ressentir.

Benefit 1: Involvement

When we talk about Quality of Life at Work (QWL) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our employees do not feel concerned.
It all seems very far away to them.

Thanks to the implementation of Moha-app, they feel more invested. They are concerned by what is going on and they are involved.
They all play the game and use Moha on a daily basis.

Benefit 2: Recognition

Because they feel cared for and cared for, they are grateful.

And they pay us back well. They are more productive for the customers and for us, it increases our profitability.

Benefit 3: The birth of a new team spirit

Using Moha-app has created a new team spirit.
They are happy that we think about them and discuss it with each other. In their job, they don't really get breaks and spend a lot of their day on the phone.

When they have a moment, they talk about the application and what they have seen. This creates interaction within the team.

I've caught them in the corridors talking about Moha app on their way home at lunchtime.

Benefit 4: More relaxed employees

The job of a tele-secretary can be quite stressful. As mentioned above, we often receive the anger of patients, among others.
I had noticed that two of our employees were quite stressed and more "speedy" in the way they spoke on the phone.

I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the offices. They were softer and calmer, which is more pleasant for the person they were talking to.

Benefit 5: Learning new things

Thanks to the app's content and daily tips, many of our employees learn new things. This arouses their curiosity and they enjoy reading the articles, listening to the podcasts, etc.

One of them even said: "Oh, I have to tell my daughter about this".
They want to talk about it around them.

Do you have any particular expectations for the coming weeks/months?

Ce que nous attendons de Moha chez 1+1=3,Votre Assistante, c’est d’apporter à nos collaboratrices un bien-être continu.

Stress training or any other training is often carried out, but it is more difficult to implement and maintain the course afterwards.
What we expect from Moha is that he will maintain these trainings in the long term.
Let them continue to provide tips to our employees so that they feel good in their baskets and that the company keeps moving.

If they feel good thanks to Moha and other things, they give a good image of the company and bring better customer satisfaction. As a result, we don't have any recruitment difficulties. And this is important for us when we see that the main reason for non-recruitment is the poor image of the company among employees.

With 1+1=3,Your Assistant's wellness care, we don't have this problem.
Moha is a matter of course for my employees and the company 

And if you too would like to discover the different contents that have enabled Marie Paule's team to be more relaxed at work, then try out the app.

You get 14 days free!
You can download it on the App Store and Play Store.

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Quentin Ryckewaert
Quentin Ryckewaert

Quentin is one of the two co-founders of Moha. He is the reference for innovative projects in the field of health prevention.

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